Can Dogs Eat Animal Crackers?

Animals have heroes, too.

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It doesn’t wear a cape nor have an iron shield to protect. But when it comes to your dog’s diet and convenient snacks, animal crackers save the day!

Just like any other biscuits, animal crackers are food intended for animals. This food is packed in a small box with various animals, such as elephants or lions.

But one thing remains unresolved: which animals can avail themselves of this food? Are dogs part of the list?

Maybe, it’s time for us to keep ourselves moving. This article intends to resolve the question by inquiring sincerely into the nature of animal crackers, their health benefits and hazards to your dogs, plus ways to make them safer and best for feeding!

What are Animal Crackers?

Similar to plain crackers, Animal Crackers are made purposely for dogs. Animal Crackers come in shapes of bones, chicken, and other similar figures that provide dogs with a crunchy treat to chew on.

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Animal Crackers are generally made from wheat flour or whole grain and processed so that the wheat is baked into crackers.

Animal Crackers also contain meat and animal derivatives, such as chicken or beef extracts, providing dogs with additional nutrition while chewing on their favorite treat.

Nevertheless, this food is usually sold in bags or boxes and can be purchased from pet stores. In addition, animal crackers typically have a long shelf life, making it possible to stock up on several treats for your furry friend at once.

Food family of Animal Crackers

Animal crackers take part in the food family of biscuits and crackers. This cracker is mainly made for animals.

That’s why they’re named as such.

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Animal crackers may sometimes be fused with animal cookies. However, for clarity, cookies are usually more complex than crackers.

It is baked differently because cookies contain baking soda, while crackers don’t need it, making them crunchier than the other treats your pet can enjoy.

That’s why animal crackers are best for cats since this food is crunchy enough to provide them with a treat that’s delicious and one they will enjoy chewing on.

Can this also be fed best for our dogs?

Can dogs eat Animal Crackers?

A BIG YES! As clear as the sky during a sunny time, animal crackers are meant for your dogs. This is an animal-appropriate food due to the ingredients and valuable content of the treat.

Animal crackers are made from wheat, which is a staple food for most dogs, and it’s also one of their primary source of carbohydrates.

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Moreover, animal crackers also contain animal-based ingredients such as chicken or beef extracts that provide your dog with additional nutrition when chewing on these crunchy treats.

Animal Crackers have been approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, which means it is safe to be consumed in small quantities.

However, dog owners should still monitor their dogs when they eat Animal Crackers if a particular brand has more sugar content than others.

To resist from ruining your dog’s health, here are the best ways to feed your dogs with animal crackers:

Best Ways to Feed your Dogs with Animal Crackers

Break them into pieces before feeding them to your dog.

Although Animal Crackers may be given as is, it’s best if you break them first into smaller chunks before feeding them to your dogs.

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This way, they won’t choke on the treat and instead chew slower, giving their digestive system some time to process this food once eaten.

Feeding amounts

Animal crackers contain many ingredients, which makes it difficult to determine the right amount you need to feed your dog.

Although these treats can be given in small amounts, owners should still pay attention to how much they give their dogs so as not to worsen their health conditions and avoid obesity.

Before feeding them with this treat, always ask the advice of your veterinarian to determine the right amount you need to give them.

Use a bowl when feeding them.

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Animal crackers are usually crunchy, and dogs may find it difficult to eat these treats outside, especially if there’s too much air or wind around.

To make things easier for small breeds, use a ceramic bowl with high sides to avoid losing their Animal Crackers.

Reasons Why Dogs Can Eat Animal Crackers

Animal crackers also have selling points contributing to your dog’s health. Even though this food is appropriate for your dog, below are some health reasons why dogs can eat animal crackers:

Animal Crackers contain a lot of nutrients.

This treat contains wheat, one of the primary sources of carbohydrates for dogs. This cereal grain also provides them with fiber, protein, iron, and B-vitamins that support their metabolism in processing food more efficiently.

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Animal crackers are also rich in animal meat extracts such as beef or chicken that provide your dogs with additional nutrition.

Animal Crackers are crunchy enough to provide dogs with a taste they will enjoy chewing on.

These treats may be crunchy, but it provides your dogs with an enjoyable chew that also helps them exercise their jaws and teeth while removing plaque at the same time.

This way, you can prevent these issues from affecting your dogs as they grow older.

Animal Crackers are considered a low-calorie treat for your dogs.

Although this food is made from wheat, which may be high in carbs, Animal crackers only contain up to three percent, making it easier to control your dog’s calorie intake, mainly when you feed them with these treats daily.

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Possible Concerns When Eating Animal Crackers

Every crunchy delight chewed by your dog when eating animal crackers also comes with possible concerns.

The bitter reality may heighten your awareness and security as a dog owner.

So get your pen and paper as we list down some health concerns when your dog eats animal crackers:

Animal Crackers may contain some traces of milk and soy.

Although these ingredients are not toxic to dogs, it’s best to keep your pet away from eating Animal Crackers containing traces of dairy products such as cream or cheese.

These can cause diarrhea in small breeds, so it’s essential to ask the advice of a veterinarian before feeding them with this treat.

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Animal Crackers may contain traces of nuts and seeds. 

These ingredients are also common in animal crackers which can be toxic to dogs when consumed in large amounts or have allergies to these substances.

Your dog’s life is always a priority you should never take for granted, so it’s important to avoid feeding them with these components.

Animal Crackers may contain too much fat and sugar which can cause skin problems for your dog

The main problem with most treats sold in the market today is that they are usually high in fats, calories, carbs, and sugar levels when consumed daily by dogs who love eating snacks like Animal crackers.

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This can cause obesity or skin problems in dogs, so it’s essential to monitor your pet’s food intake.

Animal Crackers contain artificial flavors and colors. 

When consumed by pets sensitive to these components, these ingredients pose risks that may cause allergies once accidentally ingested into their stomachs.

So avoid buying Animal crackers with artificial flavors and colors.

Signs your dog is sick from eating Animal Crackers

The signs of sickness bother your dog’s regular activity. For example, if you noticed how your dog’s health declined after eating animal crackers in several rounds, it could worsen. Here are some signs to watch out for:

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If your dog’s health declined after eating Animal Crackers, then it may be an allergic reaction.

Skin problems like rashes and itching are common in dogs with allergies when eating animal crackers with artificial ingredients such as colors or flavors.

Stop giving animal crackers to these pets if you notice that their condition worsens over time.

Your dog may have digestive problems. 

If your pet is sick after eating Animal Crackers, it could be their way of telling you that they are not pleased with this treat because it causes them discomfort in the stomach.

Diarrhea or vomiting should not occur when feeding your pets, so avoid buying animal crackers if these symptoms are present.

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Your dog is suffering from tooth decay or gum infection. 

Bad breath and red gums are signs that your pet has cavities because they keep chewing animal crackers all day long without giving their jaws to rest.

It’s essential to provide them with treats that don’t damage their teeth, so avoid buying this treat if your dog already suffers from dental problems.

Your pet may be having a high fever after eating animal crackers. 

If your dog’s health declines after eating Animal Crackers, it could worsen because the symptoms are not typical of them when they feel sick.

High body temperature and lethargy should never occur if you want them to live a long and healthy life.

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What to do if your dog is sick from eating Animal Crackers?

Don’t panic. Remember that your dog-related is how you react to the precise moment your dog suffers from sickness.

You have to deliver your dog to the nearest vet and have your dog consulted before giving them any medication.

Most vets recommend getting your dog admitted into the hospital for a few days so they can recover from eating Animal Crackers and avoid having complications that could lead to their death.

Plus, vets help you understand the underlying causes of the health problem to avoid it next time.

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Hence, it’s best to stop feeding your dog with Animal Crackers anymore if they are sick from eating this treat because the symptoms will worsen over time and may lead them into death’s door.

Avoid similar foods from this family.

Baked cookies

The presence of regular baked cookies in your dog’s food may cause allergies and make them sick.

You should avoid buying these types of cookies or treats because it’s not good for their health and could worsen in the future.

Chocolate filings

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Chocolate is harmful to dogs because it contains caffeine, and chocolate can lead your dog’s heart rate faster than usual.

You should monitor your pet every time you give them a treat so they will not get sick from eating Animal Crackers or similar types of food.

Pretzels and Chips

Pretzels and chips also have caffeine which is terrible for dogs. You can feed them with Animal Crackers, but you should note the signs that they are sick from eating this treat, so it doesn’t lead to complications later.

How to Make Animal Crackers Safe To Eat

The fulfillment of your knowledge ends with the wisdom of your actions. As a dog owner, you have to create meaningful ways of feeding crackers by keeping them safe.

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If you have no ideas how to start, here are safe ways in preparing animal crackers for your dogs:

Give animal crackers in moderation.

Too much of something is never good. So you have to give your dog Animal Crackers sparingly so they will enjoy this treat while staying healthy at the same time.

It’s best not to feed them with these treats every day because it could lead to an addiction, which isn’t beneficial for their health.

Feed Animal Crackers with water or milk

To make it more interesting, you can give your dog a bowl of fresh water or milk before feeding them with this treat to make their meal full and rich in nutrients.

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They will love drinking the same thing they are eating at the same time without feeling bored because different textures are being introduced into their meal.

Avoid giving your dog a significant amount of Animal Crackers at once

It would help if you gave them small amounts because they will not be able to finish it in one sitting, and you don’t want any leftover treats on the floor or around your house for ants, bugs, and other pests to eat up while harming your beloved pet’s health.

Key Takeaways

In picking the right snacks for your dogs, you always have to consider whether it is suitable for their health.

Because today, the taste of a snack is not enough — but also the content and ingredients used to matter. Thanks to animal crackers, your dogs’ lives have become more convenient.5

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As clear as the sky during a sunny time, animal crackers are meant for your dogs. This animal-appropriate food is made from wheat, a staple for most dogs, allowing more carbohydrate production. 

This food, too, comes with health benefits to a great extent. This food has cereal grains providing your dog with fiber, protein, iron, and B-vitamins for metabolism.

Also, this food is considered a low-calorie treat for your dog.

However, your dog’s health may be at risk when you overfeed this food. Animal crackers may cause diarrhea in small bread due to traces of dairy products.

Additionally, this food contains too much fat and sugar, which affects your dog’s skin health. As a result, your dog may suffer from digestive problems, tooth decay, and experience a high fever.

Remember always to keep safe when feeding this food to your dogs. How? You may give this food in moderation, provide with water or milk, and avoid tremendous amounts at once.

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Indeed, animals have heroes too. And it’s for you to save their day!

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