Can Dogs Eat Rice Krispies?

A dog’s love can be described as a bowl of rice — sticky, solid, and substantial. It grows when heated and calms when its temperature subsides.

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Every grain matters, and wasting a single grain counts. Nowadays, the value of rice has transformed not only as a part of a meal but also can be consumed as snacks like Rice Krispies — a bowl of delicious puffed rice that comes from Kellogg’s.

They’re known for the “snap! crackle! pop!” sound they make when prepared or eaten. Some people have claimed it can get stuck in their teeth.

That’s why we are facing a popular question: can dogs eat rice Krispies?

We have unlimited guesses right here. But one thing is sure that we’ll meet halfway as this article deeply inquires the nature of rice Krispies, how dogs benefit from it, and practical ways to serve it safely for feeding.

What is Rice Krispies?

Rice Krispies are a type of breakfast cereal famously made by Kellogg’s. Rice Krispies Treats consist primarily of puffed rice, brown sugar, and butter or margarine.

Other ingredients such as marshmallows may be added depending on the desired flavor and texture.

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Rice Krispies are made from rice flour, sugar, and salt. The cereal is cooked in large kettles until the grain puffs up into light, crispy flakes.

Interestingly, there are other variants inspired by this rice Krispies. A perfect example is Ampao — a Filipino puffed rice delicacy that originated in Cebu, Philippines, which is made by cooking the rice with water and sugar until it pops.

Nevertheless, rice Krispies are a great source of energy, vitamins, and other nutrients. In addition, they are high in fiber which makes them great for digestion.

Food family of Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies fit the family food of grains, specifically cereal grains. Cereal grains are edible seeds of plants in the grass family of Poaceae.

Hence, this family food has ubiquitously offered sumptuous breakfasts in our homes like corn flakes, cheerios, and Rice Krispies.

Rice Krispies can be considered a whole-grain product made from milled rice and processed with vitamin B to make it white or brown.

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Whole-grain foods contain all parts of the plant, such as bran, germ, and endosperm.

Rice Krispies are an excellent source of carbohydrates, the primary fuel for our body’s cells to produce energy.

Diets that emphasize whole grains have reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type two diabetes, and obesity.

With the given fact, are we unanimous in feeding rice Krispies to our dogs?

Can dogs eat Rice Krispies?

A resounding YES! Dogs can eat rice Krispies, and it is not just a myth that dogs can’t eat cereal.

Rice Krispies have various nutrients that benefit our canine friends, like fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.

However, it should be noted that the amount and frequency would depend on your dog’s size, health condition, and activity level.

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These conditions are obesity, allergies/food sensitivities, diabetes mellitus, or dietary restrictions due to other medical problems such as kidney failure.

Pregnant dogs should also be mindful of what they eat, especially with the added weight to support growing puppies.

These are just some considerations when feeding your dog rice Krispies or any other food for that matter.

So, considering these various circumstances, we formulated the best ways for you to feed your dogs with rice Krispies:

Best Ways to Feed your Dogs with Rice Krispies

Pair with milk.

According to the Pedigree website, dogs should have milk with their cereal. The combination of Rice Krispies and milk is a classic that can help your dog grow strong bones.

Milk contains calcium, which helps grow stronger teeth and bones for dogs while they are young or still growing.  

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Add some bacon bits.

This is a traditional and preferred way to eat cereal among many people. However, adding bacon bits on rice Krispies will make it more delicious for your dog.

Bacon contains amino acids, which can help dogs maintain strong muscles while low in fat content than other meats have.

Aside from these benefits, adding bacon also helps add flavor to your dog’s food.

Add some honey

Honey is an excellent source of carbs that can help your dogs feel full longer and prevent them from being hungry too fast.

Honey also contains antioxidants that are good for the immune system and anti-inflammatory properties to keep away diseases such as arthritis.

Antioxidants may be beneficial for dogs with arthritis, as it helps relieve pain and improve their mobility.

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Mix in some peanut butter 

Peanut butter is an excellent alternative to bacon bits or honey because of its protein content which can help build strong muscles for your dog’s body.

Aside from this benefit, the fat content found in peanuts/peanut butter aids in keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Reasons Why Dogs Can Eat Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies don’t just deliver crisps and crunch; this food has health benefits to your dog, too! So, we list the following reasons why dogs can eat rice Krispies:

A significant source of carbohydrates

Rice Krispies are a great source of carbohydrates, the primary fuel for producing energy for our body’s cells.

Carbohydrates can also be used as an alternative fuel when your dog is tired and needs a boost in strength or has low blood sugar levels.

Hence, rice Krispies are a great source of quick energy for your dog.

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Source of fiber 

Dogs require fiber to aid in digestion, as it helps food travel through the stomach and intestines smoothly.

Fiber content can also help regulate blood sugar levels by controlling how quickly glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream after eating carbs.

As such, the fiber content in rice Krispies can benefit dogs who suffer from diabetes.

Source of protein and amino acids 

Rice Krispies are also a decent source of proteins, essential for building and repairing body tissues such as muscles, bones, tissue, and skin.

Amino acids found in rice Krispies aid in the production of enzymes, hormones, and antibodies.

These are essential for proper growth in puppies or young dogs still developing.

Source of fats 

Fats can help your dog’s skin stay healthy by preventing it from drying up; hence, rice Krispies is an excellent source of this nutrient to keep your dog’s skin smooth and hydrated.

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Furthermore, Rice Krispies are an excellent source of Omega-three fatty acids, reducing inflammation and maintaining joints such as hips, elbows, and shoulders in tip-top shape.

Possible Concerns When Eating Rice Krispies

Earlier, we discussed the health benefits that this food brings to your dog. Now, we will elaborate on possible health concerns that could arise after your dog eats rice Krispies:


Overeating carbohydrates can result in pancreatitis, a condition when the pancreas becomes inflamed and enlarged.

This will make it difficult for your dog to digest food properly; hence, rice Krispies should be given in moderation.


If you notice your dog is having a hard time pooping, rice Krispies may be the culprit. This food has moderate fiber content that can cause constipation when eaten in excess or if not enough water is consumed simultaneously with this cereal.

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Kidney failure

The sugar content in rice Krispies can lead to diabetes, which can cause kidney failure in dogs.

If you suspect any signs related to the condition, such as increased thirst and urination frequency or decreased urine output, it’s best not to give your dog this cereal for now.

Signs your dog is sick from eating Rice Krispies

When your dog can’t tolerate rice Krispies anymore, your dog may manifest signs of sickness eventually. Here are some signs for you to watch out for:


Too much sugar can cause your dog to have difficulty focusing or staying still, thus making it dizzy.

Hence, if you notice this symptom after feeding rice Krispies to your pet, stop giving them this cereal for now and consult with the vet instead.

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If their blood sugar level is high due to the high sugar content of rice Krispies, your dog may also have a headache.

This is because the brain requires glucose to function correctly, but if too much of it is circulating in their bloodstream, this can cause them an awful headache.


After eating keto-friendly foods for some time now, your dog may have developed a low blood sugar level.

This condition makes your pet feel extremely tired and lethargic after eating rice Krispies, thus not being able to perform their usual activities well or even sleep soundly due to the fatigue.

What to do if your dog is sick from eating Rice Krispies?

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You may be shocked and alarmed if your dog gets sick, but becoming calm and composed helps a lot to respond with relief.

So, when your dog manifests the signs of sickness, be sure to act accordingly. Here are practical ways:

  • Take your dog’s temperature. If you’re not sure if your dog has a fever, the best way to know is by taking their body temperature. Use a thermometer and place it inside their mouth for two minutes or until you see that digital reading on the display screen. The normal range should be between 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit; anything above that is considered a fever.
  • Promote hydration. When dogs have high blood sugar levels, this causes dehydration due to excessive urination. This results in more thirst on their part, making it necessary to regularly provide them with fresh water. You may also consider giving your dog low-sodium, unseasoned chicken or beef broth if they don’t want to drink plain water.
  • Ease nausea. If you notice that rice Krispies made your pet nauseous and threw up, it’s best to take care of them by relaxing and letting them rest. After that, provide your pet with plain water to rehydrate their body.

Most important of them all, you have to consult your dog to your vet immediately for faster emergency response.

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Here, you’ll be able to understand the best way to help them recover faster.

Avoid similar foods from this family.


Too many cornflakes can cause diabetes in dogs, just like how it does to humans.

If you suspect that your dog has similar signs related to this condition, don’t give them cornflakes anymore and consult with the vet instead for an early treatment program.

Rice pudding

If your pet is suffering from pancreatitis or even if they are not yet diagnosed by a professional, but they have symptoms of this condition, it’s best to avoid feeding them rice pudding.

This type of food is affluent in fat and can lead to pancreatitis if your dog already has a weak immune system.

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White bread 

If you’re wondering why dogs shouldn’t eat white bread, the answer is simple: it’s very high in refined flour, which causes obesity when consumed.

This can also lead to diabetes which makes it very dangerous for your pet’s health.

How to Make Rice Krispies Safe To Eat

Our belief for a more robust dog’s health is by ensuring the right amount of nutrients they get from rice Krispies. But, of course, it begins with the preparation for your dogs.

In this case, we designed ways on how to make rice Krispies safe to eat:

Feed iin moderation.

Dogs can only process a limited amount of rice Krispies per meal. Make sure that you don’t exceed this number or else. It will be hard for your pet to digest such food, which may eventually lead to diarrhea and stomach upset.

Provide high-quality ingredients. 

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Rice is not the only ingredient needed in making rice Krispies. You can also add other healthy ingredients like coconut oil, flax seeds, and chia seeds to ensure that your pet gets the right amount of nutrients they need in just one serving.

Mix it with other dog food. 

This way, you’ll be able to balance out the necessary nutrition needed by your pet’s body. This way, you can also reduce the amount of Rice Krispies they’ll be taking every meal to lessen the chance of bloating and stomach upset.

Key Takeaways

Adding to the list of the foods that dogs can eat is rice Krispies — a type of breakfast cereal famously made by Kellogg’s.

This food is made from rice flour, sugar, and salt. They are a good source of energy, vitamins, and nutrients.

And interestingly, they’re not only good for humans but our dogs, too!

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Again, you can feed rice Krispies to your dog. However, it should be noted that the amount and frequency would depend on your dog’s size, health condition, and activity level.

Otherwise, your dog may experience pancreatitis, constipation, and kidney failure. Or death, even the worst.

For a safer side, it’s best to feed rice Krispies in moderation, provide high-quality, natural ingredients like flax seeds and coconut oil, and mix it with other dog food to avoid stomach upset.

Remember that a dog’s love is like rice — sticky, solid, and most of all, substantial for our everyday happiness!

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